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Spring 2023 Collection Release

Spring Splendor ~ Patterns that Blossom and Sprout

As the season shifts, we’re ushering in a breath of fresh air with our Spring 2023 Collection Release! This assemblage of creativity and colour is a tribute to the wonders of spring, providing crafters and quilters with an array of choices to refresh their fabric stashes.

First in the line-up is Blossom Days, blustering with the spirit of spring through Japanese-inspired motifs, where playful pandas frolic among cherry blossoms and peonies within elegant oriental gardens featuring golden metallic highlights. Following is Nostalgia, a homage to the timeless beauty of bygone eras, featuring retro-inspired designs that evoke a sense of sweet remembrance.

The Butterfly Fields collection takes flight with patterns that capture the delicate dance of butterflies against a canvas of wildflowers, perfect for projects that require a touch of enchantment. Coast brings the serene palette of the seaside to your sewing room, with designs that resonate with the calmness of oceanic vistas.

For those who adore playful patterns, Spring Alphabet is a whimsical fusion of alphabets and spring motifs, ideal for educational projects or youthful designs. And last but not least, Strawberry Tea rounds off the Spring 2023 release with a burst of summer anticipation, featuring juicy strawberries and florals that are as sweet as the fruit itself.

Browse the full Spring 2023 Collection release below!