summer 2024 sundown & skylight fabric

Summer 2024 Release

Bright & Vibrant, Cotton & Rayon, Halloween & Christmas, Summer 2024 has it all!

We’re thrilled to reveal our Summer 2024 Fabric Collections! Featuring lively rayons celebrating the vibrancy of summer to our seasonal Christmas & Halloween collections!

  • Sundown & Skylight: Bring a splash of abstract charm, combining gentle hues with light and airy colours

  • Neon Bloom: A vibrant collection featuring bursts of colours and oversized florals, embodying the spirit of summer.

  • Summer Tapestry: A vivid dance of hues capturing the joy of a serenade of colour, with large floral prints.

  • Bright & Jolly Advent: Featuring 25 charming illustrations that encapsulate the holiday spirit, from snowy escapades to cosy gingerbread homes.

  • Sapphire Skies: Blending the tranquillity of azure lakes with the calming hums of hummingbirds.

  • Candy Cane Christmas: A vibrant celebration of festive cheer and cosy winter motifs.

  • Wonderful Christmas Time: A whimsical journey through a winter wonderland.

  • Decade Panel: Celebrating 10 years of Dashwood Studio, featuring a collaborative designs on a single panel.

  • Spellbound: A Halloween-themed collection with a mystical touch.

Explore all of our Summer 2024 fabrics below!

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